Planet Mundus Show Christmas

Like it or not, it’s Christmas time!

Are you feeling the Christmas vibe?? Like it or not, the lights are up and Christmas season is underway here in Aarhus and Bridget...
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EuroAlike is our new podcast, and as the name suggests, it will mainly focus upon the continent of Europe. However, in this first episode, we...

Surviving the Danish Winter

This week on Planet Mundus our hosts Roza Ismailaj and Anastasia Park are bringing you advice on how to stay sane as the days...

The Future of Work

Our work of the future will most likely be shaped by automation, artificial intelligence and robotics. Nonetheless, certain factors will be still determined by...

No Clothes? No Problem! : How Danes approach nudity

With it finally looking like spring in Aarhus, everyone has started shedding layers of clothes that firmly covered people during the harsh winter months....