Looking behind the Headlines – What is Happening in Venezuela?

From the country with the biggest oil reserves in the world to people starving. Venezuela is in a deep humanitarian crisis. What happened? For weeks...

Christmas special

A Christmas special from the Slow News team. With ideas on how to make your Christmas slower and maybe even a bit more sustainable!   https://soundcloud.com/planet-mundus/christmas-special-slow-news

Political Protest through Rap-Music

In the Planet Mundus Show of the 13th Feb, 2019, the Master students of the Mundus Journalism programme talked about some good news from...

Brexit: How do young people see it?

What do young people think about the impact of Brexit on the society, especially the youth? What are the EU and British positions and why...

“I Couldn’t be here without doing anything”

How do internationals in Denmark experience crises back in their home countries? For every person, going abroad to study or to work it is a...