Saturday, September 21, 2019

Migration Part II – A Burundian perspective within the Great Lakes Region

For this second part of our final #SlowNews podcast on migration and refugees, we look at the Burundian crisis and the refugee situation in...

Migration Part I – A Danish perspective within the EU

Migration continues to be a dominating topic across the world. For example in the upcoming European elections some say it is one of the...

Zoom in: News Around the Globe

We are back with a different kind of #SlowNews this week! A zoom in on 4 individual topics that have been covered in the news...
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Easter and Festivities in different cultures

This week we’ll provide you with some interesting insights into Nowruz - a huge festival that is celebrated in Iran and Central Asia. Also,...

India-Pakistan Conflict: A game of egos?

In mid-February this year, India and Pakistan again picked up on their long-standing conflict over the most heavily militarized part of the world –...