Potential ‘lockdown’ in Denmark: What students need to know

Denmark might experience major public sector strike Because there have been negotiations between authorities and trade unions and they could not agree so far, on...

The Future of Language

In this episode of Future Forward Aarhus, we will explore alternatives that have been developed by entrepreneurs living in Aarhus, who want to help...

Escalating violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

As the current mandate of the UN Peacekeeping mission comes to an end on March 31st, and the Security Council needs to decide what...
Learn Danish with rap Zoran Lekovic Aarhus

Heimat in Aarhus – Episode 2: Home is not a Place

In the second episode of Heimat in Aarhus, Pia and Shubham meet with Zoran Lekovic, who is quite possibly the most unusual Danish language...
femicide latin america

Because she is a woman: Femicide in Latin America

Last November, the United Nations stressed that Latin America and the Caribbean is the most violent region in the world for women. According to...