Vladimir Putin has been on everyone’s lips lately. 2014’s TIME Person of the Year runner up is on a seemingly endless ride to the top of the popularity polls, latest numbers giving him an approval rating of 88%.

In this Planet Mundus episode we investigate why a man who arguably has thrown Russia into both a diplomatic and economic crises is so highly thought of in his own country.

We approach the question from a variety of angles. In the studio, we are joined by Yana Zakhvatova and Varvara Morozova, two Russian women currently studying in Denmark, who gives us an insight into the Russian psyche.

We have also talked to a bunch of smart people, starting with two journalists, a Danish foreign correspondent covering Russia and Ukraine, Matilde Kimer and Russian journalist Yuri Zhalin. We also talk to two scholars, namely Professor of Journalism in St. Petersburg Kamilla Nigmatullina and Anton Tabakh, an Associate Professor at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

And as always, Jan Willems has been off researching his very own scoop. Hear the shocking revelation at the end of the program.

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Photo from: Press Office of the President


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