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Planet Mundus 2014-2016 Who has the power: Banks or regulators? Banks in the UK can be seen lobbying to pressure regulators to pass or scrap a certain piece of regulation. Researchers say they also use their close relationship with regulators to channel their... The Olympics are just around the corner and its qualifications are in full swing. Thousands of athletes worldwide are fighting for the spots – sweating, bleeding, crying and… paying. A lot of money. But how do they get that money? Planet... Planet Mundus travels to the Arctic and back - virtually. We talk to an ice navigator, play with beluga whales and learn about ongoing environmental disasters around the Arctic Circle. Many tried to conquer the northwest and northeast passages... To hold legitimate elections during times of turmoil is obviously no easy picking. Ukraine went to the polls in October 2015 and the ongoing conflict complicated the process. In the end, the eastern regions of Luhansk and Donetsk and... As January slowly fades into the annals of the Gregorian Calendar, the team at Planet Mundus decided to crash our heads together and come up with some iron-clad predictions for what the rest of 2016 may have in store. Will... Is Germany with its strong economy and preachments the EU’s evil dragon, who tries to “Germanize” the other member states or is it a country fighting sacrificially for the Union to stay strong? Planet Mundus took its recorders and questions...   Did you know that Africa’s largest statue is made by North Koreans? Or that diplomats from the closed country have been caught repeatedly smuggling ivory out of Africa? Did you know that all this is part of the regime’s... The upcoming Climate Conference in Paris makes the world – yet again – look for some climate protection miracles. We at Planet Mundus went to Central America and found such wonder: Costa Rica – the world’s supposedly soon-to-be first... What's Grext? A story from the Greek crisis. This summer, Planet Mundus travelled to the land of feta and debt in search for an answer to the question: what will bring Greece's economy back on track? Starring: Vasilis Floros the taxi driver, Marios...   The refugee crisis has undoubtedly been one of the biggest stories of 2015. The incoming refugees and migrants have been described as swarms, hordes, even plagues. But who are these people? And what do they go through in order...