How do internationals in Denmark experience crises back in their home countries?
For every person, going abroad to study or to work it is a huge discussion.
We leave behind family and friends, familiarity, a nice apartment or unfinished projects.

But for some, it is again harder – because they leave their countries while their own people are suffering from a humanitarian and political crisis.

This is the case for quite a few of our fellow students at Mundus Journalism.

South America hardly makes it to the news here in Denmark even though huge crises make people suffer outside of our attention.

For example, in Brazil with newly elected right-wing president Bolsonaro, people get threatened every day and the future of the country is unclear. Or in Nicaragua hundreds of people got killed by government forces during peaceful manifestations and the president still won’t step down.

We will talk to our Brazilian and Nicaraguan friends from the program to learn more about these situations back in their home countries and also we will have the chance to listen to other Latin American women who have a lot of expat and activism experience here in Denmark while the countries they call home are in bad situations.

We will talk about their personal experiences and difficulties, but also about possibilities to act while being abroad, giving us hope to change something, no matter where you are. Also, you will have the chance to learn more about support possibilities being an international friend here in Aarhus.

Tune in!

About the show:
Narrator: Louisa Esther Mugabo
Contributors: Méline Laffabry, Juliette Freysson, Denitsa Demitrova, Louise Rasmussen, Valerie Krall
Interview partners: Isabela Santos Martel, Mariana Sales de Oliveira & Tiago Bianchi from Brazil; Dánae Vilchez from Nicaragua; Selma Vital from Brazil; Claudia Adeath from Mexico

Editors: Louisa Esther Mugabo & Méline Laffabry
Text: Louisa Esther Mugabo
Picture: Louisa Esther Mugabo, edited by Nanna Vedel-Hertz
Music: ‘Fortaleza’ by Topher Mohr & Alex Elena; Mysteries by Dan Lebowitz; Surrender by Dan Lebowitz

More information:

Follow Dánae from Nicaragua on Twitter: @DanaeVilchez
Article by Dánae in the Washington Post (in Spanish)
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