Denmark might not look very big on a world map, but what it might lack in square kilometers, the Scandinavian country makes up for in the number of Danes that have made a name for themselves on the global stage.These internationally renowned Danes include artists in all types: painters, photographers, movie directors, street artists, musicians, writers, architects, designers…Let’s discover who are the Danes that came out of the shadow to enlighten the international scene with their talent.

Lula’s conviction in Brazil: the tip of the iceberg

Lula Brazil
Ph Credit – Agencia Brasil

On January 24th, Brazil’s former president Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva was convicted to 12 years in prison by an appealing court in a corruption and money laundering case, as part of the car wash investigation that has been going on for four years and has reached to hundreds of politicians and business-people. This may influence the outcome of the country’s presidential elections in October, since Lula is the candidate leading the polls. What does this all mean to the leftist leader, Brazil’s politics and democracy?

Music and Society: Hasta siempre, comandante!

Hasta siempre comandanteWho has not hear the famous revolutionary tune to Che Guevara – the embodiment of the Cuban Revolution in the 1960s? Fifty years after his death, people all over the world still celebrate the hero as an icon for independence and socialist movements all over the world. Today’s song is a special one – a tribute in Spanish but still understood and sung world-wide. Stay tuned to discover the meaning and social impact of “Hasta Siempre, Comandante!” as written by Carlos Puebla in 1965!


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