Denmark might experience major public sector strike

Because there have been negotiations between authorities and trade unions and they could not agree so far, on April 10th, it might be the first time that a huge strike, or ‘lockout’, will happen in Denmark. This includes everything from transportation like busses and the tram to the whole education system – schools, kindergartens – any public offices in the city will also be shut. The lockout means temporary denial of employment by the public sector.

At least 12 municipalities might be involved in the strike (Denmark has 98 municipalities in total)  In addition, about 50,000 civil servants and 10,000 employees who have important tasks to national security will be expected to take part in the lockout, for example vaccine production and intelligence services.

Some professors at Aarhus University for example, have decided to divide their final exams. The strike would start April 10, exam period for many students.

Why hasn’t Mercosur taken off?

The European Union is about to close its largest trade deal in history. The partner is Mercosur, South America’s biggest economic bloc. The negotiations have been going on for almost 20 years now. One key factor to understand the impasses and delays in the negotiations is to analyse Mercosur’s incapacity to overcome its huge differences.

Brazilian Presidency – PC: Beto Barata/PR

Formed by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, the customs union turns 27 years old next Monday. But why hasn’t it taken off yet? Slow News reporters Ceci Arregui and Mario Braga take a closer look and bring some answers to that question.


Microplastics found in 25 rivers

Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic, most of them invisible for the human eye. Scientists from Germany examined 25 rivers and found microplastics in every single one of them. The study is the first profound data set on microplastics in rivers worldwide. How do the tiny plastic particles affect our health and what can we do to reduce the pollution?

Examples of particles of the small microplastic size category (1 mm – 20 μm) found in rivers in Germany. PC: Universität Bayreuth (UBT), LUBW

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The different types of plastic

Microplastics: Occurrence, effects and sources of releases to the environment in Denmark

Music and Society: Derek Gripper reinterprets the Malian Kora

Derek Gripper, a South African guitarist, made the impossible possible: He transcribed and translated West African Kora tunes from Mali. The Kora has originally 21 strings whereas a

PC: – Public Images

classical Western guitar only has 6! It sounds like at least two guitars are playing at the same time, but it’s only one man and his magical hands! Tune in to find out how Derek Gripper’s interpretation of African music and also Western classical composer Bach sound like on a “normal” guitar!
Good News

In today’s good news, we will talk about how Google maps introduces accessible transit routes to his app. Now users can find ways which are accessible for wheelchairs or strollers in London, New York, Boston, Mexico City, Sydney and Tokyo. Furthermore, researchers have found a calculation model to predict when bacteria becomes resistant again certain antibiotics. Last, we will tell you how and why the cancer mortality in the EU has decreased within the last years.

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