EuroAlike is our new podcast, and as the name suggests, it will mainly focus upon the continent of Europe.
However, in this first episode, we have decided to start somewhere slightly different. Namely with a dive into the concept of Eurocentrism.

To some people this word might sound familiar – to others, it may be completely unknown.
But do not worry!
In this podcast, we have done our best to make it easier to understand, both through several examples and through a (somewhat) concrete definition.

We will try to answer most of the questions surrounding the term.
Where does it come from?
What is it?
Is it good, bad or both?

We will also tackle some of the bigger questions like:
How do you talk about Europe without falling into bad habits?
And can you do a Podcast that focuses upon Europe without being Eurocentric?

Here are our answers and the launching of our new podcast!

Following some links related to today podcast you might find interesting

A definition of eurocentrism by Dr. Antoon De Baets. 

Some examples of maps that might not look like what you are used to.

Angus Maddison’s bio. He is the most renowned researcher of greater historic trends in the world economy.

Here you can see the actual sizes of all the countries in the world – and compare them to each other.


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