About us

We are Future Forward Aarhus, the radio show where you explore the future, and the people who are creating that future here in Aarhus.

Tune in, every other Wednesday from 18-19h on the live-stream of Aarhus Studenterradio.

Our stories will range from super-space-age technology, like artificial intelligence and self-sustaining temporary spaces, to the innovations that makes peoples’ lives everyday life a little better everyday, such as community gardens and composting.

We’re going to bring you stories, interviews, and vignettes about the change makers and futurists right here in Central Jutland. These are entrepreneurs, designers, placemakers, chefs, architects, students, professors, and just ordinary citizens who are trying to understand what the world will look like tomorrow, today.

The show will be produced by a team of five masters students who study journalism here in Denmark, and have a combined background tech, startups, business, and science.

Meet the team here:

你好 my name is Xiyu Chen and I am from China! An innovation I would like to see artificial intelligence that could govern the world better than us humans. Regarding my personal expertise, I would like to learn how to make the dream cake.




Hallo, I’m Lisa and from Germany. An innovation that I would love to see in the future is something against our disposable society. Take printers for example. Although you cleaned the cartridges a gazillion times, added ink in all shades of orange, and you only want to print in b/w, it always finds a reason not to print – and you end up throwing it out to buy a new one. I’m already in the middle of what I want to learn: How to do radio.


Hello! I’m Karis and I am from the United States. An innovation I would love to see in the future is a truly unbreakable/crackable phone (that isn’t designed for construction sites). There’s an ever-growing list of things I’d like to learn, I definitely know I want to learn how to better garden and grow plants.



Ciao a tutti! My name is Laura and I am from Italy. An innovation I’d be interested in seeing is an automated way of cooking for those nights you just can’t be bothered to make food. Or better yet, an automated grocery provider for those nights your fridge is emptier than your stomach. I would love to learn how to edit movies, scout for rare treasures, and do a headstand.



¡Hola! My name is Rocío, better known as Chio and I am from Mexico! The innovation I would like to see is related to science-fiction, will we be able to do teletransportation in the future? How far are we now? I would like to learn German, gardening, and baking.



Photo credit: Ceci Arregui