Cities consist of more than just buildings and people. Arts and culture, residential and industrial areas, public transportation and recreational areas. Urban planners must meet the challenges cities face in the 21st century. Like other European cities, a number of areas in Aarhus is undergoing major changes. In this episode, we explore three sites in Aarhus three places that give us a glimpse on the future of urban spaces: A community garden, Institute for X, and Dome of Visions.

With more and more people moving into cities, recreational areas become more scarce. In 2015, a plain stretch of grass behind the Studenterhus Aarhus has been turned into a community garden. Lisa Urlbauer talks with Leila Trapp about the impact the garden has made and the challenges the members are facing.

Future Forward Aarhus reporter Rocío Valderrábano walked along a gravel path to an expansive space on the harbor, inhabited by a giant glass dome that “looks like a shell” she explains. It’s called Dome of Visions. Rocío speaks with Silje Marie Schjødt, curator of the Dome of Visions, to discuss how the building is an experiment of sustainable building and challenges us to rethink how to use spaces that are under development.

An urban space is what an individual makes out of it. In the case of the Institut for X, it’s a place to jumpstart entrepreneurial initiatives, while cutting down costs and resources by working together. Reporter Laura Galante talks to the founders about the opportunities and challenges of creating this innovative–but temporary–space.


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