In the second episode of Heimat in Aarhus, Pia and Shubham meet with Zoran Lekovic, who is quite possibly the most unusual Danish language teacher in Aarhus. Zoran came to Denmark almost three decades ago as a refugee from Bosnia, and has made this country his home ever since.

Zoran Lekovic Learn Danish with Rap Aarhus
Zoran Lekovic in his apartment in Aarhus, Denmark © Pia Behme

Exploring Zoran’s idea of a home in relation to his history and early years in Denmark opens up the discussion to interesting concepts: Does home even need to be a physical place? How important are languages to really feel at home?

Zoran, who says he’d willingly identify as a Martian if need be, is currently studying to be a German teacher and runs the European Language Prize winning Learn Danish with Danish Rap project in Aarhus.

Tune in to hear him talk candidly about home, languages and … Mars!

Authors: Shubham Kaushik and Pia Behme


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