When we hear the terms ‘modern slavery’ or ‘human trafficking’, we cannot help but imagine something that only happens very far away. However, these atrocities sometimes occur right down the corner. Slow News focuses on the United Kingdom, regarded as being at the forefront of global efforts to combat modern slavery, and where the National Crime Agency estimates tens of thousands of victims.

Sixto Rodriguez

“And I wonder, how many times you had sex…”

Today’s Music & Society artist went through an interesting life journey, randomly discovering his fame in South Africa. Rodriguez thought he would never be successful in the US, but listen how his story changed.

Cuddle up on the couch with the Danish Movie Advent Calendar 
Exploring Danish Life introduced us to an especially fun activity for movie-fans this December. With the holidays approaching, people are getting ready to stream their favorite movies in their cozy home. In Denmark you just need to wait for the beginning of the advent calendar, for both adults and children’s shows. Some shows air for the first time with fingers crossed to go viral, while others have managed to get rebroadcasted for years.
Sports, vegetables and being hygge: How students stay motivated during the winter

You look out at the window at 4 pm and feel like it’s 10 pm, you wake up at 7 am and still feel like it’s the middle of the night…. how are you supposed to study for final exams? This week’s What’s up Aarhus introduces some ideas from Danish Master Student Emil Larsen and Italian international student Laura Galante, on how to stay happy and motivated when it’s mostly dark and cold in Aarhus. Laura’s advice is to work out, eat vegetables and keep yourself comfortable during studying, with some tea and blankets. Emil is not less “annoyed” by the darkness just because he is Danish. Going out to play football or taking a walk is his go-to-motivation for studying in the dark.

Today’s playlist 

Jenny And The Mexicats – Tanto Tiempo
Bombay Bicycle Club – Shuffle
Join The Club – Nobela
DEAN, Gaeko – D (Half Moon)
The Black Keys – Little Black Submarines
Rodríguez – I Wonder



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