Too small, too big, not my style anymore: Almost everyone has clothes that he or she does not wear. “Tøjfællesskabet” is a place where you can exchange these clothes against others. Organised by two friends, Marlene and Stine, the event brings together women and their wardrobes, following the slogan “Gammelt tøj på nye bøjler” (“old clothes on new hangers”). The difference to other exchange meetings: a fair point system…

Music & Society: Brujas, by Eli Almic

Feminism and equal rights are one of the most debated topics of our time. The #Metoo movement or the discussion regarding unequal pay are just examples of it. In Uruguay and South America, two big issues are domestic violence and femicide. Eli Almic, a prominent female representative of the Uruguayan rap and hip-hop scene, released a protest song called Brujas, the Spanish word for witches, last month. Stay tuned to discover not only some cool beats but also to unravel the strong meaning of the protest verses.

The city’s sustainable waste initiatives

According to Eurostat, Danes produced the most amount of waste per capita in 2016. This week, we sat down with Stine Sparrewath of the Climate Department in Aarhus to learn about how the city deals with its waste in a productive and sustainable way, and other sustainable initiatives taken by the kommune to reach its goal of being carbon neutral by 2030.  

The different positions about abortion in Europe

Last week the Irish government announced that a referendum to relax Ireland’s strict abortion laws will be held in May this year. The announce reopen the debate this country, mostly Catholic but where thousands of women had traveled overseas to terminate their pregnancies or had taken pills without medical supervision. At the same time, women in Poland had protested these days against the attempts of their government to have an stricter legislation regarding abortion, in a country where it is actually illegal.


Aarhus Jazz Jam at Cafe Smagløs – February 8 – 20.00

Aarhus Feminist Reading Group at the Kvindemuseet– February 11 – 13.00

Under the Rainbow: Danish LGBT Posters for 70 Years exhibition at Danish Poster Museum – till March 19 -10.00-16.00 (110 DKK entrance fee to Den Gamble By)

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