About us

Planet Mundus ShowThe world in Aarhus: International journalists navigate their way through Denmark and the rest of the world. The Planet Mundus Show is News, cultural insights, music, and events in Aarhus, beyond the mainstream. Listen to Good News to start off midweek evenings on a positive vibe, Slow News, where underreported news stories from around the world are brought forward in depth and Exploring Danish Life, where internationals take a look at life and traditions in Denmark. The Planet Mundus Show is a weekly English radio show that airs live on Aarhus Studenterradio every Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm.

The Team

Pia Behme Radio Planet MundusPia Behme
Pia discovered her love for radio in 2013 when she joined the university radio in Cologne. Since then, she has been reporting mainly on politics and society: National and local elections, student protests in India, house squatting in Cologne and much more. For the Planet Mundus Show, Pia is in charge of administrative work, hosting and reporting.



Mário Braga Radio Journalist Planet Mundus

Mário Braga
As a Brazilian journalist, Mário has worked on broadcast, financial news agencies and websites, but it all started at the university radio in Juiz de Fora. For the past six years, he has covered from community demands and police reports to stock markets and presidential announcements. For the Planet Mundus, Mário contributes to “Slow News” on underreported global topics and hosts the show.



Annabell Brockhues Planet Mundus Show

Annabell Brockhues
Radio is the perfect companion for the day – music to get up, news during the breakfast, podcasts and features while cooking or cleaning. No wonder Annabell started to do radio herself five years ago at the university radio in Dortmund. After working for a regional broadcasting station for more than two years and covering every-day news from politics to society and culture, the explorative vibe of doing university radio got her back! For the Planet Mundus Show, Annabell is mainly in charge of editorial work and reporting.


Miriam Karout Planet Mundus ShowMiriam Karout
Miriam has lived and studied both in Lebanon and Germany where she also worked as a journalist – in multiple genres and sections including paralympic sports and culture and arts. Her interest in radio developed early on as a kid when she hosted a radio project at school – and because her whole family are huge radio enthusiasts! For Planet Mundus, Miriam covers the Music and Society segment introducing songs and artists from all over the world who have had some sort of social or cultural impact.


Cecilia Arregui Planet Mundus ShowCecilia Arregui
Cecilia traveled all the way from Uruguay to pursue the Erasmus Mundus Journalism Programme, after a few years working as a multimedia journalist for a newspaper back home. But the radio station at the University in Montevideo was her first hands-on journalistic experience, seven years ago. With a special interest in small communities and immigration issues, Cecilia contributes to the ‘Slow News’ segment of the Planet Mundus Show, picks up international songs for the weekly playlist, and she even dared to host once so far.


Shubham Kaushik

Radio is new territory for Shubham, who used to work as a student journalist for a weekly print newspaper in India before coming to Aarhus to pursue the Erasmus Mundus Journalism Programme. For her, experimenting with a new platform for journalism seemed to fit with starting a new chapter in a new culture. She likes to explore Aarhus and Denmark, and is usually responsible for the segment Exploring Danish Life, along with some social media for the Planet Mundus show.