On this episode of Future Forward Aarhus, we’re digging into food.

More than 9 billion people will need access to fresh food by 2050 and 2/3rds of them will live in cities. There need to be solutions for sustainable food production and farming in order to feed the future masses. In this episode we bring you stories of three innovators working on the ground to make this future happen. These include a a startup hoping to make bugs into the latest food trend, a research team using artificial intelligence to taste beer, and a new method of food waste recycling that could make composting more sustainable.

Can you imagine living in a reality in which the most sustainable food production method involved the harvesting of insects such as mealworms? Reporter Laura Galante explore the project inValuable, which aims to accomplish exactly that, the development of a sustainable insect value chain. Its vision is to create an industry for sustainable protein production based on mealworms.

Food production is a lot more than what we consume. It’s about the process of growing and disposing of food. Komposten focuses on the latter. It’s a neighborhood-based food waste recycling network that uses a Japanese technology—called Bokashi—to make composting more efficient. The product is a nutrient-rich natural fertilizer, called humus, and a liquid product for houseplants, called Bokashi tea. They’re currently running a pilot project with 50 participants on Aarhus Ø, with the hopes of convincing the municipality to expand the solution city wide. Reporter Karis Hustad tagged along on one of their early morning recycling runs (warning: it got messy) to see how it all works.

The beer business is booming, and as with every industry, tech is starting to influence its future. Reporter Xiyu Chen digs into a project that is bringing artificial intelligence into the beer flavor and quality control process, and talk to a few beer lovers about their thoughts on these robot brewers of the future.


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