In this episode of Future Forward Aarhus, we will explore alternatives that have been developed by entrepreneurs living in Aarhus, who want to help people learn a foreign language. First, we will hear about a startup that connects people for in-person language exchanges and then, we will talk about an award-winning language learning methodology that uses hip-hop to teach Danish. Finally, we talk about the weird and wonderful world of phonetics with a language researcher.

Our reporter, Karis Hustad, checks in with Swap Language, an Aarhus-based tech platform that connects people for in-person language exchanges. The goal is to help travelers, students, and language-enthusiasts share cultures and learn from native speakers. They’ve grown to have over 4,400 users in more than 100 countries over the last two years, but a new law in Denmark may make the need for their startup, even more, pressing for foreigners in the country.

Music credit: “Forward” by Northbound (Free Music Archive)

Rocío Valderrabano talked to Zoran Lekovic, founder of the group Learning Danish with Danish rap music. On this interview, he explains how he came up with the idea to use rap music in order to help students to improve their pronunciation and expand their danish vocabulary. The project is run in collaboration with Laerdansk Aarhus and last year it was awarded the European Language Label given by the European Commission.

Music credit: “The Raps Well (dustmotes Instrumental)” by Cheese N Pot C (Free Music Archive)

Laura Galante talks to assistant professor, Misa Hejná, from the department of English at Aarhus University, about phonetics and the Sounds of Language and Speech research group, informally known as “Phon-Phon for Phun. The research group presents a forum that brings together students and faculty members who share interests in the sounds of language(s) and speech.


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