In this episode of Future Forward Aarhus, we explore the future of relationships—how apps and social media are changing the way we communicate with our beloved ones.


Reporter Karis Hustad digs into romantic story vignettes. Three people share stories about how technology has impacted their romantic life–for better and worse. First, Joanne, a student from China, who found a surprising new use for Tinder while vacationing on a Portuguese island. Next, Ida, a student from Denmark shares how video calling technology helped her maintain a long distance relationship between Denmark and Australia for 8 years. Finally, Sian, a student from the UK, shares her stories about how she’s given and received heartbreak on Google Docs, a seemingly harmless collaboration product.

Music credit: “Love of My Life” by Box Cat Games (via Free Music Archive), “Freezing” by David Szesztay (via Free Music Archive), “Waiting” by David Szesztay (via Free Music Archive)

Reporter Rocío Valderrábano explores how Gabrielé Ptašinskaitė used Facebook as a tool to make new friends when she moved to Aarhus. After she confessed online she was feeling lonely, she created the group “Lonely internationals in Aarhus”. Today, with more than 1750 members the group is a tool to meet people when you are a newcomer to the second biggest city of Denmark.


Karis Hustad wonders if smartphones can be a tool for self-improvement. Research has shown that our attention span is growing shorter, social media apps can destroy our self esteem, and we’re spending less time with our eyeballs off screen. In an interview with the journalist Bianca Ferrari, she investigates if technology can actually be used to improve our mental habits. 



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