The Satire Spot of Jan Willems

Each Planet Mundus episode ends with the satirical stylings of Jan Willems. We think you should hear the serious part of the podcast too, but if you, like a child, want to jump straight to the dessert we won’t stop you.

In fact, we’ll enable you.

On this page you will find the work of Mr. Willems cut out and ready for your enjoyment.

From Episode #12: Germany: The Puppet Player of the EU?!



From Episode #11: The North Korean Game for Africa



From Episode #10: Seeking the Truth: Justice for Journalists in the Philippines



From Episode #9: Why All You Think You Know is Wrong



From Episode #8: Corruption Ruining the Carnival?



From Episode #7: Pakistani Land, American Skies



From Episode #6: Why does Russia Love Putin?



From Episode #5: Gay Marriage: Is America Coming Out?



From Episode #4: Will Podemos Bring Change to Spain’s Lost Generation?



From Episode #3: Nigeria’s Election – A stern Test for Africa’s largest Democracy



From Episode #2: The Islamic State



From Episode #1: The Umbrella Revolution of Hong Kong