About us

The Old Continent is a podcast about the continent of Europe. In each episode, we take a curious fact, an interesting trend or a fascinating news around Europe and go behind the general coverage in the media. In each episode we try to give you the history, the culture, the debate and the perspectives the other media don’t have time for. Each episode, we dive into one country and one main topic that we put the spotlight on with the help of locals, professors, students and many more to give you new stories from the old continent.

The Old Continent is produced by Mundus Journalism students in Aarhus and is a part of the Planet Mundus universe. The podcast is published by Aarhus Studenterradio.

In the team is:
Emil Staulund Larsen, Nathan Gallo, Sashkó Shevchenko, Bianca Ferrari, Dennis Nielsen, Abraham Koshy, Alexandru Costea, Breny Acietuno, George Ingles, Vilde Wikan, Jelena Malkowski, Gabrielé Niekyté