Migrants are not just people coming from the Middle East to Europe. Everyone can be considered as migrant nowadays. The aim of the Voices of Migration Festival is to show the diversity of migration through stories, literature, music and theatre including professionals and everyone who has a story to share.

Exploring Danish Life
This week on exploring Danish life and culture, we take a look at the Danish governance system and the upcoming regional and municipal elections. Can you vote? How do you vote? What are you voting for? Find out!

Good News
As Jordan switches on the world’s largest solar plant in a refugee camp, a Japanese company encourages its employees to quit smoking. Meanwhile, on another part of the world, Sri Lanka takes the decision to ditch fossil fuel vehicles.

Slow News
Slow News will tell the story of Ibrahim Metwally Hegazy, the founder of the Association of the Families of the Disappeared in Egypt. He disappeared last 10 September in Cairo International Airport.He was on his way to address the UN Working Group on Enforced Disappearance, but he never boarded the flight.

Today’s playlist
19:05 Bonaparte – Mañana forever
19:12 Bikstok – 80’eren
19:22 Hutsul Calipso – Nai Boh Borone
19:36 Hocus Pocus – Hip Hop
19:43 Faiz Ahmed Faiz – Bol
19:48 Awolnation – Guilty Filthy Soul
19:55 Orishas – A lo Cubano
20:01 Li Jian & Sun Li – Feng Chui Mai Lang

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