The original Planet Mundus team

The original Planet Mundus team

Freja Eriksen – Ma. of journalism, media and globalisation-to-be, BA of Rhetoric from University of Copenhagen. Organically grown on three continents – turned out short but highly ambitious.

Ole Krogsgaard is a Danish journalist with a BA in History and German. He is fascinated by anything old and European. Would have preferred to be a Greek farmer around the 3rd century BC, but is not too unhappy with how things turned out instead.

Kim Laura Schönrock is  a 27 year old soon-to-be-famous journalist from Germany with a BA in Sports-Management and Communication. When she’s not busy studying or working you’ll probably find her doing some sort of sport, drinking coffee or getting lost while exploring new places.

Qing Li (李青) is from mainland China. She has a bachelor  degree in journalism and has worked as a political journalist for a daily newspaper in China for one year and a half. Qing loves radio and working with a bunch of talented and passionate Planet Mundusians.

Nehal El-Sherif (نهال الشريف) is an award-winning Egyptian journalist, who is hoping to master all the arts of media. After witnessing and reporting on revolutions in the Middle East, she decided to go join the revolutionaries of Planet Mundus.

John Ainger is a young Brit brought up in Camden Town, London. He loves anything shiny and so feels at home surrounded by the knobs and dials of a radio studio. He also cherishes a good story, irrespective of where it comes from in the world.

Jan Frédéric Willems is a merciless careerist who uses this podcast and his friends’ work to achieve his dream of being hired by Jon Stewart. Until that happens he pretends to be a journalist with a BA in Political Science and work experience in Germany and the USA.

Hans Liedtke originates from ’87, one year after the Chernobyl disaster. The radioactive fallout in Germany provided him with superhuman media production skills. He feels most alive while travelling the world and is passionate about Africa.

Daphne Henning is a journalist from the USA. After spending a year in the Appalachian Mountains, she came back to the real world to study for an MA in Journalism. An avid traveler, Daphne also spends a lot of time baking Coca-Cola cakes for her fellow Planet Mundusians.