Why does the world need yet another podcast about international affairs?

Good question! We at Planet Mundus believe that the humans inhabiting this planet need to co-operate. In order to co-operate we need to understand one another.

The current media landscape is failing us in this regard. Instead of journalism as diverse as the very world we’re inhabiting, we are instead presented with nationalistic and sensationalist foreign reporting. Reporters parachute into crisis situations, do a short piece conveniently situated in their hotel rooms, before flying to the next ‘disaster’ hotspot.

At Planet Mundus we don’t just want to report. We believe in in-depth talks with knowledgeable guests from all over the world. Only through conversation can we get behind the cultural differences. Because at Planet Mundus we want to understand.

The team behind Planet Mundus is truly global. The guests in Planet Mundus will be truly global. Because only a journalism that erases borders will enable us to learn and truly understand.

We believe that we are uniquely positioned to take on this challenge. The team behind Planet Mundus are all journalists taking a Master in International Journalism along with people from all six continents. This gives us an extraordinary network that we can utilise to bring you the best of our globe.

This is Planet Mundus. We hope to leave you entertained and enlightened.