What does North Korea, Trump, Putin and China’s investment in infrastructure in Africa all have in common? They’re international relations.
Maybe you’ve heard the term thrown around by people who sound to you a bit intelligent. Maybe these people are, or maybe they’re just using a couple words to sound smart. The good news is, now you can do the same! In this first episode of World Class Podcast, we go over the four major academic international relations theories, or, the four main ways those quasi-intelligent (or truly intelligent) people talk about international relationships between countries, institutions and other actors. Already bored? Then check this out: After listening, you will have new ways of understanding and framing international relations, which, trust us, is a really cool party trick. As a bonus, we provide you with a starter-kit by framing (spoiler-alert) Kim Jong-un’s thoughts behind killing off his brother in Kuala Lumpur airport and the deployment of Russian troops in the Balkans by Putin. If this doesn’t get you started in your new life as an IR-analyst, nothing will.


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