When we say it, you will immediately think of all sorts of polarizing and intense stories, experiences, and images, built up in the last few years through, for most of us, words in a news story. In this episode of World Class Podcast, we talk about terrorism (!), and try to break the word down into definitions you may not have thought of before. With the help of theory from world-leading academics, we question whether or not terrorism has changed over time and because of globalization, and reveal some key myths about terrorism which we all, at one time or another, have been victim to.

We also talk with award winning war journalist, Nagieb Khaja, who has been captured by the Taliban and also contributed invaluable knowledge to our understanding of terrorism through his documentaries on foreign fighters in Syria. He gives us first hand understanding of what some of the causes are of terrorism, what we can focus on to combat it and how we should understand terrorism. After listening, you won’t fall in any traps in the future, when assessing terrorism. In a strange way, Kylee and Jens felt comforted after exploring the topic – after all, it’s more likely that a lightning strikes you than that you die from a terrorist attack.


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