We’ve all been touched by international charity before – whether its an emotion-filled advertisement on TV or our own experiences giving money hoping it will reach far off places. Our governments do as well, with every country in the world giving or receiving some form of development assistance or foreign aid at some point in the last 50 years. But aid, like everything, has its flaws. In this episode of World Class Podcast, we talk about the good and bad parts of aid, exploring perspectives from those who steadfastly believe it is the key to helping the world’s poor, to those who believe it creates chronic poverty and is a waste of money.

Rounding out this analysis is our conversation with Anne Mette Kjær, a politics and development professor at Aarhus University, and also a board member of DanChurchAid, one of Denmark’s biggest aid organizations. She tells us where she thinks aid can really make a difference in the continent that she’s spent her life working in: Africa. After listening, your opinion about aid will be much more qualified, you will know what to support and where your money would be spent better on Ben & Jerry’s.


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